Nett Nutrition’s Annette Schottenfeld, MBA, RD, CDN was once again a contender in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ (AND) 2014 Journal Photo Contest. Select entrants’ photos were placed in a photo gallery on the Journal’s website for educational use.


Carrot Kaleidoscope

Submitted by: Annette Schottenfeld, MBA, RD, CDN

Carrots in a rainbow of nutrient rich colors are not only fun, but also provide protective health benefits. These beauties were grown on a farm on the North Fork of Long Island, NY where kids can participate in a young farmer’s camp. Campers learn where their food comes from by creating healthy soil and then planting, harvesting and cooking vegetables. Along with getting their hands dirty, they gain a new respect for the environment and the foods they eat. Multi-colored carrots are always a camp favorite.