The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the long awaited regulations for calorie labeling on November 25, 2014. The two rules apply to specified eating establishments (see Final Menu Labeling Regulations – Restaurants) and vending machines.

The basics:

Vending Operators

Applies to certain food from vending machines run by a person owning or operating 20 or more vending machines

Does include:

- Vending machines in schools

- Foods sold from bulk vending machines (such as gumballs, nuts)

Date to comply by: December 1, 2016

Information required:

Calories to be listed on front of package or on a sign, sticker, small placard or near the food sold or selection button. Electronic or digital displays can also be used for calorie posting.

Contact information of covered operator on the machine or otherwise with the required calorie declarations to enable FDA to contact operator for enforcement purposes

Source of nutrition information can include Nutrition Database, Laboratory Testing, Cookbooks and Manufacturer Information


Final Rule: Food Labeling; Calorie Labeling of Articles of Food in Vending Machines (35 pages)


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