The 64th annual Summer Fancy Food Show held June 30 – July 2, 2018 at the Javits Center in NYC featured over 2,600 exhibitors representing 54 countries. More than 200,000 specialty food products were displayed, covering a staggering six football fields of space.

Trends spotted at the Show include:

Cauliflower – in riced and flour forms incorporated into variations of pizza crust, pasta, rice, pretzels and sandwich thins.

Carbonation – beverages ranging from flavored waters to juices to teas all benefiting from bubbles and ingredients such as turmeric, blood oranges, mint, apple cider vinegar, honeydew and jalapenos.

Teas – as a standalone or infused into ice creams, confections, chocolates and maple syrup.

Figs - vegan fig salamis (paired with cheese), spreads, artisan breads and mustards.

Sweetener Alternatives - white sugar ingredient replaced with monk fruit, dates, honey and coconut sugar.

Turmeric- flavored chips, vinegar, salt, lattes, chocolate and protein bars.

Snack Puffs – probiotic, pea-protein, peanut butter, beet and brussels sprout.

Deeper Middle Eastern Flavors (including Central and South Asia and North Africa) – preserved lemons, harissa, purple olives and saffron.


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